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Pighting PCBs:

Function decoders:

Locomotive end lock lighting

Electronic controllers:

Electronic accessories:

Wagon interiors:

3D accessories:

Wheel pantograph:

The prices are informative, the list is not complete, if you do not find something please contact us by e-mail.
The pictures are illustrations, the actual products may differ slightly in reality.

Ordering process:

You can order a product via email or Facebook, I will issue an invoice, and after the transfer I will send the product with the selected courier service. Personal pick-up is also possible at a pre-arranged time in Vác.
If I build the accessories into the models, the models have to be delivered to me in some way and when the models are done you have to pay for the work!


8:00 - 19:00


Products was made from quality materials.


If we agree on something, it will surely be done that way.


Each product is made according to customer demands.


You will definitely not be disappointed based on customer feedback!

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