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Precision, fidelity to life
the two main aspects

I have been a fan of model trains since I was a child, it developed into a very serious hobby, and later a work from the hobby, so I got to work for you now.

The first important aspect in modeling is to work precisely, this should be taken into account even if we are talking about lighting or even interior equipment. If you're tired of not finding the right lighting, electronics, interior, or accessories for you, then you are in the right place. I will do my best to make the end result right and perfect for you.

The second important thing is that the finished product depicts reality as faithfully as possible. To do this, I go exactly after it, looking for pictures, looking for plans to get the best out of myself.

Company information:
Owner: Horváth Tamás self-employed
Headquarters: 2600, Vác Kis utca 6.
Tax number: 56920592-1-33


Products was made from quality materials.


If we agree on something, it will surely be done that way.


Each product is made according to customer demands.


You will definitely not be disappointed based on customer feedback!

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